Remington Layoffs Roil One of America's Oldest Factory Towns

Remington Outdoor Co.’s breakup is fueling unrest in the village of Ilion, N.Y., where hundreds of former employees are agitating to get back jobs and benefits lost as the bankrupt gun maker’s historic manufacturing plant shifts to new ownership.
The factory’s roughly 600 workers were told last week they were being laid off immediately and would lose their health-insurance benefits on Halloween, without getting any severance or payment for unused vacation time.
Dozens of employees from the plant, considered one of the oldest continuously operated U.S. manufacturing sites, protested the move Wednesday in Ilion, a village of about 8,000.
Mark Bedworth, 42 years old, has worked at Remington for eight years, and primarily made shotgun barrels before he was furloughed over the summer. He said the village is suffering from Remington’s abrupt decision. “Everyone in town either knows someone or has a family member who works there,” he said.
“The big part for me personally is that I am losing my insurance on such short notice,” Mr. Bedworth said. “Some of the guys and girls that I work with have life-threatening conditions that they need medications for and now I don’t know how they’re going to get that covered.”
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